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In addition to supporting school board members via fellowships, coaching, events, and more, School Board Partners conducts ground-breaking school board research and regularly features in the news.

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Report: Empty Seats at Powerful Tables

The State of School Boards in America

To help school boards evolve into institutions oriented toward justice, we must better understand who serves them, and get a grasp of their priorities, challenges, the support they require, and ideas about systemic racism in their district. To that end, we conducted a large-scale, first-of-its-kind survey of elected school board members from across the country. Our analysis focuses on education leaders of color.

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Opinion: Why School Boards Can and Must Be Leaders in Tackling Climate Change

June 20, 2023

Carrie Douglass

When I first ran for school board in 2017, I was concerned about climate change personally but honestly didn’t understand what role I could play as a school board member. Once elected, I realized that our school district — like most school districts — is one of the largest landowners, real estate developers, transportation providers and employers in our community. This gives me — and school board members across the country — tremendous influence to lead positive change for climate action and climate justice.

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School Boards Still Have Work to Do, 69 Years After Historic Brown V. Board of Education Decision

May 19, 2023

Ethan Ashley , Carrie Douglass

As a school board member representing the school where Ruby Bridges integrated, the 69th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education takes on special significance for our work. This anniversary is an ideal time to reflect on decisions school board members like us make every day — those that seem mundane but crucial like approving budgets and evaluating the superintendent, and those that are framed as controversial, like approving curriculum, book banning, critical race theory, gender neutral restrooms, and parental rights. It may seem like controversial culture war issues are a new phenomenon, but in reality they are simply a continuation of culture wars that have persisted for decades — a modern reawakening of oppressive ideology that ebbs and flows across the decades — sometimes more hidden and sometimes more explicit like the current moment. Instead of avoiding these culture wars, we have a golden opportunity right now to bring about positive, systemic change by facing these issues head on and doing away with policies that reinforce inequality, racism and unacceptable student outcomes.

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Want to Fight Racism? Start With Fixing School Boards | Opinion

December 23, 2022

Ethan Ashley , Carrie Douglass

Elected school boards need a complete transformation if we are going to provide our nation’s children with the education they deserve. That transformation must occur in three areas: people, power and professionalization. Our students need the right people on school boards who are representative of the community they serve. Those people need to use their power to dismantle systematic barriers for students. And that power will be enhanced by the professionalization of school boards, with rigorous training, tools, and support to effect change.

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The Big Problem With Who runs for School Boards - And How to Fix

December 20, 2022

Carrie Douglass

Carrie Douglass is the co-founder and co-CEO of School Board Partners, a nonprofit that supports and trains school board members across the country. She is a twice-elected school board member and past board chair. She has worked as a teacher, school leader, district administrator, and nonprofit leader.

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