School Board Partners is different.


Big change calls for brave people. That’s why we’ve established a supportive community to lead the charge in creating better systems.

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We know that the proof is in the pudding, so we help leaders be effective on multiple fronts. From skill-building to our unique governance model, we push for more accountable and equitable school boards.

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Good governance and student-first policies clear the way for research-based, high quality interventions and environments to create better experiences and outcomes for students.

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School Board Partners is different.

Resources and Support for Today’s Diverse Leaders

School boards were originally created for a different time and different people. At our national nonprofit we’ve re-imagined support and resources specifically for modern public school leaders: elected school board members who better represent their communities and fight for equity and excellence for all public school students. In addition to a road map to success, we provide a community of support for change agents who want to dramatically improve the environments, experiences and outcomes for students.

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Become an SBP Fellow

Join our selective year-long fellowship

SBP Fellows receive our deepest level of personalized support. You’ll join a cohort of 75 diverse school board members from around the country, where you’ll receive professional development in 4 areas (Good Governance, Racial Equity, Personal Leadership and Self-Care). You’ll also receive a mentor and a policy coach to cut your learning curve and help turn your campaign promises into real policy change for students.

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Join our community of change agents. There are many options to engage with us depending on where you are in your school board journey. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll provide you with more information.

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Get the most from School Board Partners

Become a School Board Partners Member to maximize your impact. As an elected official, you only have a few years to enact real change for kids; let us help. 

  • Join a community of change agents
  • Access resources like our entire Empowered Governance Toolkit and example policies
  • Receive office hours for personalized support
  • Enjoy discounts on our national conference and consulting fees

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Tools for Change

Policy writing is one of our priorities. In fact, Empowered Governance is the only school board governance model that provides exemplar policies and a complete road map for school board members to follow in order to improve outcomes in your District. Sign-up for a free account to access four Policy Toolkits.

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Report: Empty Seats at Powerful Tables

The State of School Boards in America

To help school boards evolve into institutions oriented toward justice, we must better understand who serves on them, their priorities and challenges, and what supports they need. To that end, we conducted a large-scale, first-of-its-kind survey of elected school board members from across the country. Our analysis focuses on elected leaders of color.

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Restoring Ourselves; Liberating our Boards

Attend Our National Summit for Courageous School Board Leadership

Our Collective Power national conference has quickly become the must-attend annual event for diverse school board members who want to lead policy change for students in their district. This world-class event will give you the energy, community, self-care, and practical tools to enact the change you want to see.

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