Restoring Ourselves, Liberating Our Boards

Our Collective Power School Board Conference

OCP is designed to be a conference of community of practice where attendees have access to the valuable knowledge, practical tools, and personal networks needed to drive change in governance and education systems throughout the districts that you represent. We recognize the power of self-care for elected leaders and will have dedicated workshops for self-work and restoration.

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Join us in San Antonio, Texas - July 12-14, 2024. Registration is now open!

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The OCP Experience

Our Collective Power is not your typical school board conference; we curate an intentional and shared event that is 100% centered on the experiences and needs of elected school board members from across the country. Conference attendees will have exclusive access to valuable educational knowledge, practical tools for governance and elections, self care, and personal networks needed to drive change in the districts they represent.


To be in a room filled with folks who look like me, work like me, fight like me, and WIN like me... at the moment has me looking for the words. The network-building done with you all is inspiring. Y'all are sending me back home, ready to double down and dig in because our babies deserve everything and they deserve it NOW. Thank you OCP.

— Sandra Dukhie

Our Collective Power Brings Together Diverse Elected School Board Members from Across the Country

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Featured Speakers

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The speakers for 2024 have not been announced yet. Check back with us to see the lineup!

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This event provided a space that allowed us to find connections with like-minded folks and reconnect with ourselves to ensure we go away as a collective unit ready to fight the good fight. So grateful to have an opportunity to connect with you all! The BEST is yet to come!

— Jessica Dunn

In Review: OCP 2023

While OCP 2024 is in the works, take a peek at the Themes and Topics we covered in 2023. Stay tuned to see what we'll cover in 2024!

Keynote - State of Children by Virtue of Adult Leadership: Restore & Recharge because the battles continue for the War of our Children

Starky Wilson

Keynote - What the Data Says About Shifting School Board Politics.

Gregory Hatcher

Student-Focused Governance: District Goals and Guardrails with AJ Crabhill, Desoto Independent School District

In Pursuit of Equity: How to Hold Your Superintendent Accountable for Being Anti-Racist with Ben Kleban, SBP Mentor

What to Expect From a Superintendent Search Firm with Monica Rosen, Alma Advisory Group

The Bias is Baked In: How to overcome racism, sexism, and other isms during the recruitment and hiring process with Manny Godoy, Beloved Community.

Building Power Bridges: Creating a Great Relationship between School Boards & Superintendents with Henderson Lewis, Jr, Superintendent of Schools NOLA

Education Innovation Led & Owned by People of Color with Dr. Howard Fuller, Superintendent of Schools NOLA

Fruits of Racial Equity Audits with Matthew Kincaid, Overcoming Racism

Building a multi-racial movement for equity: Centering Equity Amidst Political Backlash & CRT with SBP Alumni Panel

Strategic Financial Decision-Making: Where have school boards invested to catch students up and improve academic outcomes with Jessica Swanson, Georgetown Edunomics Lab

Improving Curriculum & Instruction from the Board Level with Everton Blair, SBP

Top School Board Policies Workshop with Ben Kleban & Kristopher Frye, SBP & Urban Leaders Fellowship

Communicating Your Truth with Manny Rivera, Rally & Jasmine Wilder, SBP

Houston Group Panel with Judith Cruz, SBP Alumni

Running for Re-election with Justin McCorkle, Tyrone Walker, Amber Davis-Princ, Leaders of Color Team

Seeking Financial Support: The Right Job for Elected Leaders with Carl Zaragoza, Leadership for Educational Equity

Do you need a Coach to Support Your Leadership? With Dr. Nate Easley

Text-Based Dialogue: To Charter or not to Charter with John Deasy, Aspen Institute

A series of different session types dedicate to a deeper understanding of self-care with Tunnel Vision