Our Fellowship

SBP Fellows receive our deepest level of personalized support.

You’ll join a cohort of 75 other school board members from around the country, where you’ll receive professional development in four areas: Good Governance, Racial Equity, Personal Leadership, and Self Care.

You’ll also receive a mentor and a policy coach to help turn your campaign promises into real policy change for students.

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Our Fellowship Programming Areas

How our curriculum, training and conference sessions are organized

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Good Governance

We train and support school board members to govern effectively so you can lead with courage, competence and impact. See video below.

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Racial Equity

When fluent in racial equity, board members can lead across differences and demand culturally competent and equitable policies. See video below.

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Personal Leadership

Board members understand their own leadership strengths and weaknesses and work to be the most influential and effective leaders possible. See video below.

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Self Care

We introduce board members to self-care practices that will sustain them in the role so they can lead by example when under pressure, successfully finish their term, and run for re-election. See video below.

Programming Areas

Dive deeper into the four programming areas of an SBP Fellowship.


Good Governance

Watch the video to learn about how an SBP fellowship will help you apply good governance techniques in your district


Racial Equity

Watch the video to learn how an SBP fellowship will help you lead with cultural competency


Personal Leadership

Watch the video to learn how an SBP fellowship will develop your personal leadership so you can be effective and influencial


Self Care

Watch the video to learn how an SBP fellowship will support your whole self as you embark on this challenging journey

You’re going to find like-minded people who are looking for a way to get our communities from good to great, ensuring that we have an equity lens, a focus on students, and the community overall.

— Rafael “Rafa” Diaz, Judson ISD

6 Key Levers of a School Board

There are six key levers to describe the main responsibilities of a school board, and they are woven through our programming:

  • School boards recruit, hire, support and evaluate the district Superintendent.

  • School boards provide fiscal management, including strategically allocating resources and approving the district budget.

  • School boards work in partnership with the superintendent to develop the vision and goals for the district that reflect their values and priorities.

  • School boards write, pass and monitor policy to hold the system accountable for execution.

  • School boards advocate for and represent the community with authentic two-way communication and partnership.

  • School boards authorize charter schools and approve school performance frameworks to ensure school quality and access.

Apply to our Fellowship

The application window for Cohort 6 is now closed. If you are interested in applying for our next cohort, please fill out the contact form and be sure to check off "Fellowship" and "Newsletter" so we can contact you when our next application round opens.

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