Dr. Kelli Peterson

Lead Facilitator, Racial Equity

Dr. Kelli Peterson is deeply invested in high-quality schools. She has served as a teacher and school administrator across various cities including Brooklyn, Cleveland, Atlanta, and Nashville. Dr. Peterson has served as a local system leader, as the Chief Portfolio Innovation and Accountability Officer for NOLA Public Schools and state system leader as the Assistant State Superintendent for the Louisiana Department of Education. As a local system leader, she had the responsibility of overseeing charter school accountability for 78 charter schools, building the capacity of 38 charter boards, development of new school strategy and the execution of the charter authorization process.

Dr. Peterson now fully invests her time as the Founder and Principal Consultant of The Ed.ucateD Approach, a national education consulting firm that partners with education systems and leaders, organizations that support education, and those that govern education, customizing each client experience. The Ed.ucateD Approach provides services in three distinct areas; strategy development, program design and facilitation and co-designing solutions to challenges.