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Tailored services for school boards

Empowered Governance Consulting

Empowered Governance is a policy-centered governance model that offers a more accountable, power-balanced, and equity-focused approach to the work of school boards. By providing support in sound policymaking and governance practices, we empower school boards to empower young people to reach their full potential, while also empowering historically marginalized communities to experience upward socioeconomic mobility.

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Improve Student Outcomes

Deliverable-Based Consulting Services

We know the political realities of school boards are complex, and models must be adapted and modified to fit local contexts. To facilitate that process, board members and superintendents may need coaching and consulting services to build their capacity to fully embrace and implement Empowered Governance:

  • Deliverable-based, not “one-and-done,” consulting support packages.
  • Customized and tailored to the unique needs of each school board.
  • Coaching and training results in board approval of a high-quality policy or procedural document.

Get Started with Empowered Governance
There are three foundational packages available to support school boards with their initial transition to Empowered Governance:

Superintendent Evaluation

Superintendent Evaluation

The Board will learn best practices for superintendent evaluation based on measurable student outcome goals. The Board will develop and implement an annual superintendent evaluation process aligned with district goals and the Empowered Governance model framework.

New or revised superintendent evaluation process.

New or revised superintendent evaluation policy. See Empowered governance page.

Board/District Goals

Board/District Goals

The Board will adopt a set of annual goals that reflect the mission, vision and values of the district and the highest priority student needs for the next 1-3 years. The Board will lay groundwork for a comprehensive data monitoring plan that, once finalized, will shape the monthly board meeting agendas for the next 12 months.

New or revised annual goals – “SMART” goals with numerical targets.

Board agenda calendar for the next 12 months prioritizing the Board’s time on rigorous monitoring of data.

Board Governance

Board Governance

The Board will adopt a set of governance principles that define the roles and responsibilities of the Board, and, by exclusion, what activities are not the role of the Board. The Board’s governance principles will be adopted in policy, shape the content of board meeting agendas, and serve as a roadmap for future boards and superintendents.

New or revised Governance Policy approved by the board.

Guidelines for focusing / prioritizing board agendas.

Scope of Services & Pricing

Each of the packages above include the following general scope of services, which may be further customized and revised upon request.

Planning meeting (virtual) with the board president and/or designee(s) and the superintendent to finalize the objective and agenda for a Board work session and identify planning/preparation tasks.

Preparation and planning for the Board work session. 

Facilitation of the work session via Zoom or in person (virtual meetings reduce travel costs and are available for a reduced fee). The work session is designed to advance the objectives and deliverables stated above for the package selected. The work session also builds towards full buy-in and consensus among all Board members to approve the final deliverable(s).

Written draft of the final deliverable(s) based on board feedback during the work session.

Up to two written revision/feedback cycles on the final deliverable(s) following the work session.

Debrief meeting with the board president and/or designee(s) and the superintendent to provide coaching and guidance for advancing the deliverable(s) to board approval.

What to Expect

The scope of work outlined above is typically completed over the course of four to six weeks, though this term may vary depending on customizations or other preferences of the board.

Support packages are available for a fixed fee of approximately $4,000 - $8,000 per package, inclusive of the full scope of services. Pricing may vary based on travel requirements and the specific needs of your board. Virtual meetings reduce travel expenses and fees.

For more information or to solicit a proposal customized to the unique needs of your school board, please contact us.

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