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School Board Partners Announces the 5th Cohort of Their Competitive Fellowship for Elected School Board Members

SBP cohort 5 welcome graphic

School Board Partners is proud to announce its fifth cohort. 65 elected school board members have been selected to participate in the competitive one-year fellowship for diverse elected school board members to support individual leadership and impact by building their capacity, knowledge, skills, and courage.

SBP pairs these emerging education leaders with trusted mentors who can provide them with the guidance, first-hand knowledge, and skill set needed to implement real change through anti-racist policies in their districts. Each of these elected school board members embodies the strong and courageous leadership traits required by these unprecedented and challenging times.

The fellowship includes an in-person convening, regular webinars with our community of practice, an individual executive coach, policy mentors, and access to our library of resources.

The 2023 C5 School Board Fellows are:

  1. Aaron Márquez, Phoenix Union High School District – Arizona
  2. Adrienne Simmons, Gwinnett County Public Schools – Georgia
  3. Amanda Steele, Tempe Union High School District – Arizona
  4. Angelia L Moore, Indianapolis Public Schools – Indiana
  5. Antonio Hernandez, Antioch Unified School District – California
  6. Becky Sayler, Cobb County – Georgia
  7. Berthena Nabaa-McKinney, Metro Nashville Public Schools – Tennessee
  8. Chanda Jackson, Capital School District – Delaware
  9. Chauntyll Allen, Saint Paul Public Schools- Minnesota
  10. Crystal Davila, Pasadena ISD -Texas
  11. Cynthia Wirth, Norristown Area School District – Pennsylvania
  12. Destiny Briscoe, Norristown Area School District – Pennsylvania
  13. Donald Patton, Christina School District – Delaware
  14. Dylan M. Luna, Flint City School District – Michigan
  15. Ellen Krejci, City School District of Albany – New York
  16. Esther O’Leary Winter, Brighton Central School District – New York
  17. Felecia R. Duggins, Capital School District – Delaware
  18. Frank Johnson, Memphis Shelby County Schools – Tennessee
  19. Hector Camacho, San Mateo County Office of Education – California
  20. Hector Jaramillo, Glendale Elementary School District – Arizona
  21. Jackie Calderón Perl, San Leandro Unified School District – California
  22. Jacob Rosner, Voorhees Township – New Jersey
  23. Jaguanana Lathan, Antioch Unified School District – California
  24. Jessica Bueno, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 – Arizona
  25. Jessica Dunn, Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township – Indiana
  26. Jessica Johnson, Atlanta Public School District – Georgia
  27. Joe Greenheron, South Whidbey School District – Washington
  28. John Martin, Capital School District – Delaware
  29. Julie Ketover, Voorhees Township Public Schools – New Jersey
  30. Julienne Verdi, Voorhees Township Public Schools – New Jersey
  31. Kalimah Salahuddin, Jefferson Union High School District – California
  32. Kareem Moncree-Moffett, Cincinnati Public Schools – Ohio
  33. Katherine Bike, Knox County Schools – Tennessee
  34. Kathryn Kuhlenberg, Roaring Fork School District – Colorado
  35. Kathryn York, Water Valley School District – Mississippi
  36. Keisa M. Rodney, St. Bernard Parish Public Schools – Louisiana
  37. Kyle Clayton, Washington Elementary School District – Arizona
  38. Laural O’Rourke, Eugene 4j School District – Oregon
  39. Lillian G. Lingenfelter, Emporia Public Schools USD 253 – Kansas
  40. Louis Mason, Norristown Area School District – Pennsylvania
  41. Lucia Baez-Geller, Miami-Dade County Public Schools – Florida
  42. Magali Limeta, Novato School Board – California
  43. Marcie Hutchinson, Mesa Public Schools – Arizona
  44. Markus Ceniceros, Littleton Elementary School District – Arizona
  45. Marty Corley, Michigan City Area Schools – Indiana
  46. Mat Hernandez, Northern Highlands Regional High School District – New Jersey
  47. Millicent Rogers, Durham Public Schools – North Carolina
  48. Monica Timberlake, Quartzsite Elementary School District – Arizona
  49. Nichelle Davis, Cobb County – Georgia
  50. Nicole Carey, Indianapolis Public Schools – Indiana
  51. Nidhi Satiani, Upper Arlington City Schools – Ohio
  52. Paola Gonzalez Fusilier, Pasadena ISD – California
  53. Renee Lovato, Adams County School District 14 – Colorado
  54. Sadie Shaw, Tucson Unified School District – Arizona
  55. Sarah Leonardi, Broward County Public Schools District 3 – Florida
  56. Scott D Esserman, Denver Public Schools – Colorado
  57. Sharon El-Amin, Minneapolis Public Schools – Minnesota
  58. Shelley Jackson, Roosevelt School District – Arizona
  59. Sophia Carrillo Dahl, Creighton School District – Arizona
  60. Sridar Chittur, City School District of Albany – New York
  61. Steven Chapman, Tolleson Union High School District – Arizona
  62. Tabetha N Wilson, City School District of Albany – New York
  63. Tamillia Valenzuela, Washington Elementary School District – Arizona
  64. Tom Haggard, Covington Independent Public Schools, Kentucky
  65. Triston Ezidore, Culver City Unified School District – California

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School Board Partners highlights significant sector issues with the hope that we can help inform how best to professionalize this essential aspect of our nation’s fabric- school boards. The mission of School Board Partners is to support, connect and re-elect diverse anti-racist school board members across the country to lead with courage, competence, and impact. For more information, please visit