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52 School Board Leaders Demand that we Invest in Students Just Like We Invest in the Economy

Empty classroom

We are a collective of diverse school board members who represent over 2 million students. In order to meet the needs of our children throughout this country, we need more resources. We need an investment in the educational equity of our students to provide critical learning support for our country’s youth and their families.

The members of tomorrow’s workforce are in today’s classrooms. Unless we are honest about addressing the compounding effects of this pandemic on our most vulnerable students, we will almost certainly see an already unacceptable achievement gap widen significantly due to this pandemic. We are unwilling to allow that to happen and insist our leaders step up to support our students and schools in the way they have stepped up to support the economy. Lack of action will do irreparable damage to a generation of kids and impact the quality of our workforce, far into the future. Throughout the U.S. cities like New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, Rochester, San Francisco, among others are reporting dire situations, given upcoming state budget shortfalls that will squeeze already tight and under-resourced education budgets.